Depression & Self-love.

I’ve battled monsters disguised as men,
I’ve battled depression,
Most of all, I’ve battled my inner demons,
and I fight with them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Nobody will help you when you are breaking down,
They’ll point fingers and blame you, but they’ll never hug you and hold you,
But I tell you, ignore them, they will do you no good.
Stay far away from toxic people, those who stab your wounds again and again till they bleed.
Stay close to the ones who do fight for you,
They are the only ones who matter.

I may smile every day to mask the pain,
But deep down, it’s still there.
The emotional pain-body, as Echart Tolle calls it.
I cry on my happiest days and laugh on the saddest ones.
I’m a bag of mixed emotions,
But I have grown to love myself more than I ever have before.
I now know that I’m the only one who should truly matter to myself,
My soul was craving for my attention, and now I try to give it all I got.

Self-love, that is what has saved me and it can save you too.
Every day is a struggle and loving oneself isn’t very easy,
But you have to keep trying, no matter what.

You deserve to be loved,
Stop looking out for the one who can save you,
Nobody really will, only you can save yourself.

Be strong, because you are stronger than your worst struggles.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed