Being Highly Sensitive.

I am a highly sensitive person. Let me explain what that means :

1) I am emotional – I cry if someone raises their voice at me or says something remotely hurtful.

2) I am empathetic – I cry if someone raises their voice at someone I know.

3) I overthink – To the point of getting unbearable headaches.

4) I can’t bear being around narcissists. I absolutely despise people who only think about themselves. I also can’t stand people being fake.

5) I am an introvert.

6) I feel, then act. Not think, then act.

7) I am short-tempered when it comes to issues I feel strongly about.

Most people don’t know how to deal with people like me. Here are a few ways people have behaved with me :

1) I have been accused of being dramatic when I point out someone’s mistake.

2) I have been accused of creating an issue out of nothing when I stand up for myself.

3) I have been told blatantly that the world doesn’t need people as sensitive as I am.

I find this Ted Talk very inspirational :

Here’s an image I found on Pinterest which sums up everything :

The Golden Rule has been taught to us since we were little – Do unto others as you would have done unto you. I try so hard to follow it, due to which I have been taken for a ride way too many times in life. And when I put my foot down and fight back, I am accused of being selfish. To be frank, people confuse the f*** out of me.

So yes, I do get frustrated and want to shout at the top of my voice at people who hurt me. At first the introvert in me bottles everything up. Then the overthinker in me starts thinking till I get terrible headaches. After that the emotional me starts crying, and wanting justice. Then the angry me starts seeking justice, after which I storm away from the narcissists. And then the empathetic me starts wondering whether I did something wrong by standing up for myself.

So you see, introvert – overthinker – emotionally inclined – hot-tempered – and the cycle goes on.


People will never get it. Sigh!

But you know what,

See you soon, the overthinker in my head is calling.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!