Crying With Love.

Beauty, that’s a vague term,

Let nobody define that for you.

Those marks on your body, which you cover up, day after day,

They define beauty, they define you,

Flaunt them, fearlessly.


Be not afraid if they do not accept you,

For who are you, if you do not accept yourself?

Darling, fall in love with yourself, every moment, every day,

Trust me, living life there’s no other way.


I’ve cried for years, out of hatred,

For my body, for my naivety, for my life.

Negativity is a poison,

And it sure takes courage to embrace the gorgeous mess that you are.


I cried yesterday, out of love for myself,

It was different,

I said to myself, “Wow, you are amazing”,

That sure was a first!

I caught myself by surprise,

Weird, isn’t it?

When hatred turns into love,

Life changes.


For years I wondered when I would fit in,

Fit into the boxes defined by society,

Thin, beautiful, fit, smart, rich,

But I finally found peace when I was happy with the way I defined myself,

I’m weird, and I love it,

I’m sensitive, and I love it,

I’m me, and I love myself.


Finally, with myself,

I feel at home.

Life is too short to wake up each day wishing you were someone else,

Self-love, it can change you,

Love yourself, live for yourself.

P. S. I write incomplete sentences, string them together and call them poems. I am not a poet, but I speak from the heart.

A few months ago, I had written a poem on body positivity. Losing weight has given me the confidence I always wanted. But the decision to lose weight started only once I decided that I was ‘enough’ – I was beautiful, and so I needed to value my body and my health.

Whatever be the reason, or for no reason at all, love yourself, it’s never too late.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!