Instagram, WordPress & Me.

Hey peeps!

Let me give you a clear picture of my time on social media : In the past 10 years, I’ve made and deleted 1 Facebook page, 3 Instagram motivational pages, 3 Instagram personal pages and 2 WordPress blogs.

Facebook :

I joined Facebook 10 years ago – it was one of the most common social media platforms at the time.

However, after 4 years on the ridiculous site, I decided to delete my account. I had self-confidence issues, which made me obsessed about ‘likes’. I felt dejected each time I saw someone else getting more likes than I did, despite the fact that I considered myself better looking than them. How petty right? But that’s what most people are guilty of doing nowadays as well.

To be honest, after deleting Facebook I was at complete peace. Thereafter I never joined social media for many years.

Instagram & WordPress – Get Motivated with Ellen :

In 2015, I suffered from depression due to narcissistic abuse at the hands of an ex. It took me two years to heal, after which I decided to motivate others. Quotes helped me get through many a bad day (before I started going for therapy), so I wanted to share quotes and self-help posts with those going through depression.

So in May, 2017, I joined Instagram for the first time and started a motivational page – ‘Get Motivated with Ellen’. I managed to help many people, and I absolutely loved it.

But then I started getting bullied by creeps, and it really affected me, due to which I deleted the page within a few months.

I had started a blog on WordPress at the same time, but I wasn’t very active on it and deleted it when I deleted the Instagram page.

Instagram & WordPress – The Gentle Storm :

In March, 2018, I decided to start another Instagram page. I knew that if I shared motivational posts, then I would stay motivated as well. So I started a motivational page – ‘The Gentle Storm’. Again, I interacted with many people, shared posts daily and enjoyed the experience.

But yet again, I started getting bullied by creeps. They started picking fights for no reason, and being the overthinker that I am, I started giving back. I verbally abused them, since they abused me in the first place, which caused a lot of drama since a woman swearing and standing up for herself didn’t seem civilised. I got fed up and deleted the page in May, 2018.

I had a blog on WordPress with the same title, and I had made a lot of blogger friends, on whose posts I would regularly comment, and they did the same.

But what made me quit was one particular blogger who reblogged a post of mine, called me childish and a bad Christian for speaking about the issue. (I had written about how I hated men staring at my breasts and how creepy it made me feel.) When I told him that he could express his views on his blog without reblogging my post and attacking me, he criticised me and said that I needed to be spanked. That did it for me! I did not want to be on a platform where people attack someone personally for expressing their views, which puzzles me because the main purpose of a blog is to express your views, right?

Instagram & WordPress – The Kind Tempest :

In Sept, 2018, I started this blog – The Kind Tempest.

I thought that sharing my food pictures on Instagram would make it easier to link them to my blog posts, so I started a food page.

But within two weeks of being on Instagram I realised how horrible the platform was and why I had deleted so many accounts previously in the first place. So yes, I ended up deleting the food page as well.

Fortunately I have not deleted this blog, and I do not plan to either.

Personal pages :

All the times I had motivational pages on Instagram, I had personal pages as well. Each time I deleted the motivational pages, I deleted the personal pages. So I’ve made and deleted 6 Instagram pages in 1.5 years. Crazy, right?

What my experiences on Instagram have taught me :

1) Most pages only want followers and likes. So other than a select few, nobody really cares about the content you put up. They will ‘like’ your post without actually reading anything.

2) Being on Instagram means spending every free minute refreshing your feed to look at new likes and follows.

3) Trolls and creeps will verbally abuse you for no rhyme or reason and then pretend like it’s your fault.

4) If you put a lot of effort into your content, you will feel extremely demotivated once you realise that most of your real-life friends do not support your page/posts.

5) Instagram will negatively affect your mental health due to social pressure and constant comparisons.

What my experiences on WordPress have taught me :

Similar to Instagram, many bloggers spend most of their time on WordPress blindly liking posts and following sites. Not many actually read the content posted by people they follow.

My previous experience on WordPress made me turn off commenting for this blog – I do not have the patience to deal with haters. I get too emotional and it affects my mental health. Also, too much complimenting makes me feel that people are being fake.

Even though being interactive is important to gain followers, being highly sensitive and an introvert makes it rather difficult for me.

What you should ask yourself :

There will be plenty of times in life when people won’t support what you do.

At such times ask yourself this question :

What is the purpose of my journey?

If you enjoy what you do, if it gives you peace, do it anyway. Similarly, do not force yourself to do something you do not enjoy. Life is short, learn to make yourself happy.

Many people found me weird for constantly running away from social media, but their opinions did not matter in the end. I am finally at peace, and that’s what matters to me.

Find your peace, live for yourself, love yourself.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!


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