Your Peace Matters.

People stick around in a toxic relationship or in a terrible workplace, taking for granted the fact that their peace of mind is more important than love or money.

Love cannot buy you peace, neither can money; but both can snatch away your peace of mind at the drop of a hat.

Life is short, learn to value yourself.

1) Notice :

Try making a conscious effort to notice the things in your life that are robbing you of peace and happiness.

It could be social media, a bad relationship, a bad job, or so many other things.

2) Distance yourself :

Once you have noticed these things, distance yourself from them. Make yourself a priority.

It will be really difficult at first, all change is difficult. But if it buys you peace of mind, then the change is definitely worth it.

What if you cannot distance yourself?

It is not always easy to quit a job because you do not like it – I understand that completely.

Instead try learning a new hobby, or maybe join an online course. Do something that interests you, something which you can look forward to every day.

In case you are in a toxic relationship, I strongly advise that you get out of it immediately. It isn’t love if it is slowly killing you each day.

Seek help from friends and family, do not try solving everything on your own. You can even go for therapy and get expert advice on how to handle your situation.

A real-life example :

I am a highly sensitive person. What that usually means is I stand up for myself when I can’t bear the pain anymore, after which I spend days wondering whether I did the right thing by speaking up, or whether I should have kept being trampled upon, for the sake of being a kind human being.

After reading the above quote, I realised that speaking up for myself doesn’t make me inhuman. I have a right to be at peace.

You see, I am a kind person, but if treated badly I will see that I am heard.

Treat people with respect, but make sure that they do the same.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!


Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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