My Love For (Jazz &) The Blues.

My dad loved music, I’m just like him. He took me to a Jazz festival at the age of 13, and I instantly fell in love with the genre.

I then started listening to the Blues, and fell in love with B. B. King. His album with Eric Clapton ‘Riding with the King’ is my all-time favourite.

I am not a sports fan, neither am I a movie buff, but leave me at a jazz/blues concert and I will be in heaven.

However, one movie I absolutely loved was La La Land. There were some great jazz numbers in the movie – Summer Montage Madeline and Herman’s Habit. I especially love the part where Sebastian explains to Mia about the thrill one gets when they see a live jazz performance, because I could totally relate. I love watching live gigs, the experience is enthralling.

Today I watched Lightening In A Bottle, a documentary on the blues. With such a fantastic line-up of artists, it is a must-watch for any blues fan.

All the men played wonderful guitar, but I was completely in awe of Bonnie Raitt. I haven’t seen a woman play such mean guitar! It’s so inspiring to watch her perform! I love her song ‘Love Me Like A Man’.

The documentary was definitely worth watching. I was smiling gleefully from ear to ear the entire time.

Here are my 15 favorite vocal jazz/blues songs (in no particular order, I love them all) :

1) Come Rain or Come Shine

2) Days of Old

3) Dream a Little Dream of Me

4) Here We Go Again

5) Hold On I’m Comin’

6) How Blue Can You Get

7) Key to the Highway

8) What a Wonderful World

9) Ten Long Years

10) The Thrill is Gone

11) Three O’clock Blues

12) Come Away With Me

13) Don’t Know Why

14) A Tisket A Tasket

15) Girl from Ipanema

There are so many other songs I’d like to add to the list, but that would make the blog post never-ending.

Do listen to the songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!