Dear Dad.

I cry myself to sleep most nights,

Wishing you were here to hold me tight,

I miss your smile, I miss your jokes,

In my heart each memory pokes.


I wish I could erase the times I was bad,

The times when I hurt you, when I made you sad,

I know you forgave me with an open heart,

But I wish I was a good daughter from the very start. 


A noble man with a heart of gold,

Always helping the unfortunate, young and old,

Death snatched you away far too soon,

You were to the world a blessing, a boon.


You did not deserve to suffer the way you did,

But your pain you always hid,

You were my role model, my greatest strength,

You were my inspiration till the very end.


Dad, I miss you,

I wish you were here,

But I know that you are watching me from above,

On the wings of a dove I send you my love.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!


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