The Taunting Tempest.

After the rants I posted last week, Aditya from ‘Seeking My Utopia’ suggested I change my blog’s name to ‘The Taunting Tempest’ instead of ‘The Kind Tempest’.

Brilliant name right, I like the ring it has to it – Yo, I’m Triple T. (Reference to Triple H, the WWE player I have no idea how I remember.) *face palm*

Anyway, instead of starting another blog, or changing the name of this blog, I’ve decided to post all my rants/observations/sarcastic posts in a category called ‘The Taunting Tempest’.

Only those who visit my blog via the browser will be able to see the category, but I’ve still decided to announce it and dedicate a post to the announcement. *yet another face palm*

Let’s hope that my sarcasm gets better with time. *wink*

Here’s a picture of me winking :

Hope this post made you laugh. If not, a face palm may help. *yet another wink*

P. S. You can check out the category here.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed!


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